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Recommended Products

The products below are our favorites, and we have them available for purchase in our office.


SUPERIOR SPARKLE POWER! Woven with 500+ soft, textured threads, Cocofloss sweeps away sticky, yellow plaque better than slippery “gliding” floss.

OralB Toothbrush Head/Replacement

When you need a replacement brush, we have a few options available depending on your hygiene needs.

OralB Electric Toothbrush

Our favorite electric toothbrush. Artificial intelligence recognizes your brushing, and can provide smart coaching if needed. Battery life is more than 2 weeks, and charging is easy.

GC Dry Mouth Gel

Provides extra comfort for dry mouth sufferers. Available in multiple flavors. Can be used as often as needed, day or night. ​

MI Paste

Topical paste with bio-available calcium and phosphate. Recaldent is derived from milk casein - so this is a great alternative for those who wish to avoid fluoride. 

Essential Smiles Mouth Spritz

On-the-go mouth rinse. Great to spritz in your mouth after going out with friends for coffee or lunch. Freshens breath and helps to maintain optimal oral health.

Essential Smiles Mouth Rinse

Specifically formulated to promote optimal oral health; helps to maintain teeth and gums; freshens breath. ​

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