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Comfort Menu

Whether you have chosen our office due to a fear of dentists and a desire for a gentle touch from a doctor who truly listens, or if you were seeking a practice that provides minimally invasive dentistry and preventive services, then you have come to the right place. We understand that a dental visit may not be your favorite destination, but we strive to make it a better experience than you expected. Your comfort is our top priority. We hope that by offering you a few extra comfort choices, we can help ease any anxiety or bring a smile to your face. Explore our comfort menu where you can request any of these items to enhance your dental visit.

Blankets & Support Pillows

Indulge in cozy comfort by snuggling up with a blanket, using a heating pad, or selecting a support pillows designed for the neck, back, and knees. For children, Ruffles is a beloved choice - a weighted stuffed animal puppy that brings extra comfort and joy.


Eye Coverage

Soothing dark glasses or clear over-glasses for extra protection


Noise Reduction

Ear plugs or noise canceling headphones that you can use alone or connect to your phone


Stress Relief

Aromatherapy in lavender or citrus or try a textured sensory stress ball for fidgeting 


Lip Balm 

Soothe and moisten your lips with our all natural chapstick


Freshen up

Use a warm face towelette or swish with a cup of minty mouthwash


Tylenol / Motrin

To reduce pain and inflammation when needed

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