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We want you to feel like this is truly your dental home.  We strive to create a positive, upbeat environment that takes care of you the same way we'd take care of our mothers, fathers, sisters, or brothers.  Our top priority is quality and lasting dental work in a caring environment.  Here, preventative treatments and education give you the tools to improve your oral health and be proud of your smile. You deserve to have the confidence to smile!


Our Team                             

Dr. Jessica Smith





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Dr. Jessica

Dr. Jessica knew she wanted to be a dentist when she got braces in high school. It opened her eyes to the dental field and the endless possibilities for helping others gain more confidence through a beautiful and healthy smile. In the beginning she didn't actually want to get braces because she'd heard from her friends how uncomfortable a mouth full of metal would be.  But she quickly discovered that going to a cheerful dental office and being attended to by a skilled dentist/orthodontist was actually fun and interesting!  Best of all were the results at the end! She felt more confidence immediately and enjoyed showing everyone her new smile.  From then on her goal was to have a happy work environment and help others have more confidence in their smiles and dental health.

Dr. Jessica shows genuine care for her patients and provides quality dentistry.  She graduated from Loma Linda School of Dentistry in 2009 and received the prestigious Wil Alexander Whole Person Care Award. This award is given to one graduating senior for caring for patients beyond just a set of teeth and exceeding the clinical and academic standards. Following graduation Dr. Jessica decided the best way to kick off her career was through volunteering.  During Dental school she had gone on numerous mission trips serving her local community, Mexico, and Peru. An opportunity opened up in Nepal for two months and she and her husband, Kevin, jumped at the chance to travel the world and help others at the same time. They landed in Benepa, Nepal at the Sheer Memorial Hospital where Dr. Jessica helped in the dental clinic. To say it was an eye opening experience to actually live with the local Nepalese people for two months would be an understatement.